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Cloud as Infrastructure as-a-service is slowly gaining share of IT budget. The recent “Truth In Cloud” research survey conducted by Veritas shows that IT budget spend on cloud is set to increase to 18% in the next 12 months compared to the current 12%. This is unsurprising as both public and hosted private clouds offer substantial Capex savings to organizations. Most organizations base their selection of cloud service providers (CSPs) on various factors including price, data security and compliance, storage performance, uptime, and data protection among others. But when it comes to public clouds specifically, there are likely misconceptions around which party holds the ultimate responsibility for data management: the customer or the cloud service provider. The legal teams at Veritas reviewed contracts from multiple public cloud service providers to understand what customers and cloud service providers are responsible for with respect to data management. Despite many customers’ beliefs that cloud providers hold the responsibility of data management, cloud service provider contracts usually place data management responsibility on customers. The “Truth In Cloud” research backed up our assumptions that the primary responsibility for data management lies with the customer.

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